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1. Registration:

In Secretary EUROCC 2017 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
from 1st January 2017 until 28th February 2017

Registrations will be processed in order of arrival and within the limits of availability.

• 40 EUROCC-LEON 2017: 500 motorhomes /1.000 persons, gala dinner in a restaurant (historic monument)

• EXTENSION : maximum 150 motorhomes - 300 persons

When exceeding the quota, an immediate warning will be sent to the clubs/federations concerned.

Registration for the event 40 EUROCC is a must to participation to the gala dinner and/or the extension week.

France: Registration for the 40 EUROCC rally, the gala dinner and the extension should be done directly at FFACCC, to whom you have to send your registration form duly filled in. Every week, FFACCC will transmit the registrations received to the organizer.

Note: Payment of the registration should be done INDIVIDUALLY by each affiliate to the bank account of the organizer, within a period of 8 days from the registration date, with name, affiliate ID and club name.

Other countries: Registration for the 40 EuroCC rally, the gala dinner and the extension and the payment should be done mandatory through your club/federation. Every week, Clubs and Federations will transmit the registrations to the EUROCC Secretary and do the corresponding payment by bank transfer to the account of the organizer.

Bank details:



Full address: Marquesa Castellbell, E- 08980 Sant Feliu Llobregat - España

Account: IBAN ES60-0081-0341-1400-0130-9739


The organizer will send as soon as possible a registration and payment confirmation to the clubs/federations and when possible, by email directly to the interested parties.

All incomplete and/or not fully paid and/or registrations received at EUROCC Secretary after 28th February will not be taken into account. The organizer does not accept any payment by check or credit card.

No individual registration will be accepted by the organizer. No registration possibility for the dinner or the extension will be possible after arrival at the EUROCC, except to replace a cancellation.

2. Every Club/federation will establish its own waiting list and notify the organizer to enable him to manage any cancellation and not leave any vacancy.

3. Cancellation: Only a duly justified cancellation sent to the EUROCC Secretary will be accepted. In case of refund, for all the countries, it will be realized in the same way as the payment is received, with a penalty and deduction of the bank fees:

• 35 € of the total amount paid for any cancellation before 20th February 2017 (registration deadline)

• 50 % of the total amount paid for any cancellation before 10th March 2017

• 75% of the total amount paid for any cancellation between 10th and 30th March 2017

• After this date, no cancellation will be entitled to any refund.

4. Any participant who, by omission, negligence or delay, does not attend the EUROCC rally or the extension, or is late at the organized activities, will not be refund.

5. Confirmation by mail/by post: maximum 4th March 2017 to the clubs/federations and/or to the interested with information for the arrival (exact address of the EUROCC rally, GPS coordinates, participant number display and parking location) with information of parking/service areas and campgrounds in cities or villages near Leon. If applicable, the clubs/federations pass on to their registered affiliates who do not have any email address.

6. Arriving near the EUROCC village, place the identification sheet and FICM blue plate* (to buy at your club/federation or possibly at your arrival) on your windshield. In the EUROCC village, each driver will strictly follow the indications of the agents and respect the rules. Participants will be grouped by country and clubs.

Monday 10th April 2017 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday 11th April 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Easter Sunday (16th April) 3 p.m. parking closed

Motorhomes should arrive empty of used water and with a full tank of fresh water. In the EUROCC village, motorhomes can empty toilets and fill water without moving the vehicles. No electrical connection (except in case of absolute electric-recharging need, under the responsability of the owner of the rolling-chair or similar device). Avoid using generators between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.

n.b. Intra and inter-clubs aperitifs must be celebrated outside the schedules of the EUROCC activities, and their timing will be communicated in advance to the organizer.


The identification badge 40 EUROCC - LEÓN 2017 is compulsory at any time on the site and during city tours and excursions.

Dogs should be held on a lead. Dog droppings should be collected in bags and put into the containers. Dogs or other domestic animals are not welcome in monuments and any transport. It is forbidden to light barbecues and to use cooking appliances outdoors.

Avoid coming with a trailer, the town centre is at 400 m from the village. Trailers may not be parked near the vehicles.

In case of unfair behaviour, a call to order will be made and in case of recurrence, an invitation to leave the EUROCC village immediately, without refund.

The organizer is not a service supplier, the work is done by volunteers and managed in “good father” terms. They cannot be held civilly liable for possible changes of the announced program. They assume no liability for theft, damage or injury of any kind that may occur on the site and during any activities at the 40 EUROCC rally - León 2017, during visits or excursions, or during the extension.

There will be a permanent reception office during the EUROCC. Schedule to be determined, based on the activities in the village and in town.


n.b.: The program and schedule may vary depending on the provisions (processions) of the city of León.